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Empty Cream Container 1/8oz X 144 PIECES	New -37%
Size: 0.8cm x 2.6cm   Capacity: 1/8oz   Material:plastic ..
RM35.00 RM22.00

 LBC 100% Pure Acetone Nail Polish Remover 130ml	New -52%
Description: 100% PURE ACETONE perfect for removing just about anything.Remove nail poli..
RM25.00 RM12.00

Ceramic Hair Brushes - 35mm New -18%
Description:   Perfectly straight hair and curls with only one brush Four roundi..
RM17.00 RM14.00

Amber Glass / Essential Oil (30ml) New -50%
Description: The Amber glass design can keep you perfume, toner, essential oil and much m..
RM12.00 RM6.00

Shiseido Crystallizing Straight Hair Straightener Neutralizer H1 400g - For Natural Hair to Sensitized Hair New -33%
Super Hyaluronic Power High-Quality Premium Permanent Solution   Description: ..
RM120.00 RM80.00

Sleep Ease Blended Essential Oil 10ml New -19%
Description: Are you stressed out from your hectic life? Then the Oriental Secret Blended Ess..
RM32.00 RM26.00

DewBerry Burner Oil 10ml New -25%
Description: The ingredient in Oriental Secret Burner Oil is from a 100% natural raw material..
RM20.00 RM15.00

Coffee Aroma Oil - 10ml New -35%
Description:  Dark, roasted coffee-bean fragrance with a touch of chocolate.   ..
RM26.00 RM16.80

 Ablutionary ball -30%
Material:Plastic Diameter:13cm ..
RM5.00 RM3.50

Decolour Dye Powder (Semi-permanent) -18%
Description: Do notes that bleaching your hair is needed before colouring.Only dye your hair ..
RM6.50 RM5.30

Aroma Ear Candle  香薰耳烛 喇叭耳烛 -24%
主要功效 该疗法主要是针对头晕目眩鼻塞、耳鸣、记忆力不集中颅内的高低压、情绪不稳、颅内神经失衡面部神经痛,咽喉炎等部位的治疗能促使颅内热感循环增加氧含量并起到活血的功效畅通管道排降除积压..
RM5.00 RM3.80

Shiseido Fuente Vita Voltage Shampoo -25%
To cleanse scalp completely and revitalizes scalp's metabolism. Description Shiseid..
RM160.00 RM120.00

Nexxen (ES1) Energy Shampoo  (Ideal for thin hair prevention) 1000ml -45%
Thinning Hair Preventive Description Active treatment shampoo cleans thoroughly to remove..
RM100.00 RM55.00

Rene Strong Rebonding and Neutralizer Cream 500ml x 2 -24%
Product Description Rene Strong Straightening Cream is a unique and precision haircare ..
RM50.00 RM38.00

Aromatic Hair Styling Spray Extra Hold ( 420ml ) -31%
Extra hold with aroma sense. Direction for use Hold can up-right with valve in right direct..
RM13.00 RM9.00

Aily Hair Tonic Vitamin D - Panthenol -37%
Description A highly specialised product for the hair and scalp to remove dandruff gently and p..
RM19.00 RM12.00

Portable Skin Cooler (K-A012) -25%
When do you use Skin Cooler? 1) Beauty -Minimizing the skin pores -Stablize before ma..
RM200.00 RM150.00

Cerena Architect Wax -17%
Description: For glossy & shinny styling. Soft,flexible holds with brilliant sh..
RM18.00 RM15.00

Savour.m Hair Pomade -20%
Description: Savour.m Water-Based Pomade! Washes out as easily as any modern water-based poma..
RM60.00 RM48.00

Lamon's Yogurt Masque -3%
Description Treament formulated with Yogurt Extract and Vitamin E.High concentration of amino..
RM29.00 RM28.00

Perfect Hair Scalp Care Treatment Shampoo - Suitable for all type hair 1000ml -15%
Description: An ultra mild hypo-allergenic shampoo.For healthy hair.The power of real Nature,..
RM200.00 RM170.00

Nexxen (NK1) Repair Conditioner (Chemical & damaged hair) -50%
Chemical and Damaged Hair Description Acid balanced conditioner helps to neutralize chemi..
RM100.00 RM50.00