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 Ablutionary ball -30%
Material:Plastic Diameter:13cm ..
RM5.00 RM3.50
 Bra Strips -41%
Description Now you can go unexposed with this tape to secure your low cut tops. No more reve..
RM5.90 RM3.50
Alcohol Swab (100pcs/box) -41%
Description: Alcohol swabs are ideal for antiseptic skin preparation prior to injection or ve..
RM15.00 RM8.90
Aroma Ear Candle  香薰耳烛 喇叭耳烛 -24%
主要功效 该疗法主要是针对头晕目眩鼻塞、耳鸣、记忆力不集中颅内的高低压、情绪不稳、颅内神经失衡面部神经痛,咽喉炎等部位的治疗能促使颅内热感循环增加氧含量并起到活血的功效畅通管道排降除积压..
RM5.00 RM3.80
Aroma Ear Candle  香薰耳烛 直筒耳烛 -38%
主要功效 该疗法主要是针对头晕目眩鼻塞、耳鸣、记忆力不集中颅内的高低压、情绪不稳、颅内神经失衡面部神经痛,咽喉炎等部位的治疗能促使颅内热感循环增加氧含量并起到活血的功效畅通管道排降除积压..
RM4.50 RM2.80
Bloatting Tissue (Green Tea) -21%
Description: Made from high quality original wood pulp fiber,it is soft and comfortablean.All..
RM12.00 RM9.50
Cartoon Mouth Mask (Unisex) -45%
Description: Worry about the Haze problem?100% cotton Cartoon Mouth mask,washable.Suitable fo..
RM11.00 RM6.00
Cleaning Pad -37%
Description: I believe it is the basic right for everybody to pursue beauty. If you are a fas..
RM7.90 RM5.00
Cotton Anti-Slip Slipper (Unisex) -20%
Description: Five star hotel luxury every time you step out of the bath with our his or hers ..
RM20.00 RM16.00
Cotton Bud (200 Pcs) -46%
Description: Double cotton design more efficient use of the product, cost savings, environmen..
RM12.00 RM6.50
Ear Cleanser Set (10pcs) 高级采耳工具10件套装掏耳朵工具挖耳勺鹅毛棒专业洁耳 -44%
Description: It's relaxing, stress relieving and refreshing. People who experienced the s..
RM50.00 RM28.00
Face Towel -36%
Colour:Random ..
RM12.50 RM8.00
Facial Metal Spatula -60%
Description: Reusable and Washable Plastic handle is comfortable for griping, a won..
RM10.00 RM4.00