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Aily Hair Tonic Vitamin D - Panthenol -37%
Description A highly specialised product for the hair and scalp to remove dandruff gently and p..
RM19.00 RM12.00
Grigio Toretoman E Tonic 160ml -25%
Activate hair root, prevent hair loss and regeneration. Description Grigio Toreto..
RM200.00 RM150.00
Grigio Toretoman Parfait Tonic 180ml -22%
Hair growth tonic. Prevent hair loss.  Description A super grade hair growth..
RM230.00 RM180.00
JS(22) Hair Tonic -42%
Description: Promotes a healthy scalp, prevents hair loss ( depilation ), eliminates hair odo..
RM78.00 RM45.00
NeoLeaf Hair Tonic -35%
Description Enhance your hair and keep your hair and scalp in good order by the effective ingre..
RM150.00 RM98.00